"Savoring the single feast for life"

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Our place is for the over 40, content, childless, never married, divorced, widowed or presently single content middle ager who believes there are more great things in store for them as they experience this new chapter in their life.

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Join us for episode 10, as we discuss being single and being ok with it. Also check out this Ted Talk with Tracee Ellis Ross.

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Episode 10
I'm Ok Just the Way I am

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Jeannette Aycock

I have had a psychotherapy private practice for over three decades. I have focused on self-care and developing self-confidence especially when living with severe challenges such as depression and the bipolar spectrum. In addition to my private practice, I have collaborated with other healthcare professionals to form
Replenish, a support service for caregivers. My care practice uses relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, and cognitive and insight-oriented approaches. Most recently, I am proud to have added Stephen Minister skills to my resume. This has allowed me to combine my professional experience as a psychotherapist with my faith-based training in Stephen Ministry. My life goal is helping others, with compassion and without judgment.

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Shanta langford

Although a native Texan, I've resided in New York City for over 30 years.  Up until six years ago, I was an Executive Assistant for a large financial organization, but a lay off changed my direction. In the past few years, I have obtained an LLC license, started an online print on demand store, Wakanda Girl. Additionally, I've worked as a consultant for several companies and presently I'm a night manager for a non- profit. 

Last year I fulfilled a long-awaited dream and became a Stephen Minister with Marble Collegiate Church.

I'm excited to explore this new chapter in my life and help to facilitate a much-needed conversation about people like us who are over a certain age, who are alone but thriving. I hope is that our podcast can contribute to an underserved demographic and tap into areas not usually discussed.

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